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Food4Good Challenge

Develop an innovative and concrete solution from field to fork to deliver fair, sustainable & healthy food, for everybody, everywhere.

2 millions € prize
applications opening in November 2019
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Previous Editions

Precious Water

Design a simple and innovative product or service to preserve water, make it cleaner and accessible to everyone, all over the world.

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Create a simple and innovative device or scheme to reduce or recycle the yearly wastes generated by a urban family, using if necessary existing solutions.

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The team

Franck Philippon, Abdel Soufi, Marie Kopciowski, Maeva Maurisset, Michel Kopciowski, Alain Philippon, Eric Philippon & Caroline Corvaisier, Gayané Adourian, Leila Badis, Baptiste Fradin, Louis François Saumon, Laure Thiberge, Hippolyte Thibierge, Stephanie Verdier ...